Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not What You Expect

Peter ran into a real-life pimp, turn out they are much more mundane in real life, but also tend to be less glamorous than portrayed in rap or on TV.
When the train pulled in, him and his companion boarded the same car as me and they continued speaking. I still wasn't paying much notice to the content of their talk until the rhythmic guy (who looked to be in his 30s; the other guy was in his 40s, at least) called himself a pimp. A pimp, I smirked, everyone's a pimp these days. Even little old grandmas call themselves pimps just to score coolness points with the kids. Why just last month, my cousin told me of a conversation he had with our grandfather in which he expressed a desire to "pimp up" his new car ("please don't say that ever again" my cousin begged). So now here we are, some guy on the train thinking he's a pimp.


Thanks to the law of the land, though, dirtbags like him make all the money for nothing more than threats of violence while the girls who actually do all the work are the ones who run the daily risk of jail, disease, bodily harm and/or death, and then on top of it all have to pay this guy so he can continue to threaten them with more violence. What a country!

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