Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Baseball Fans & Postive Thinkers

Peter has a pretty good description of last night's Yankees game. I admire his silver-line approach to looking at world. I'm trying to adopt some of it myself.
So that Yankee game I mentioned in my last post? The worst game I ever experienced. I knew it was over before the Yankees even had a chance to bat and, if I were watching at home, I would've turned off the game and done something productive with my time. Instead I sat there in the cold and watched the entire thing. But since I'm a positive guy, here are my personal highlights from the game:
1) The return of A-Rod. He provided the only offense with a two run blast to the Orioles' bullpen.
2) Jason Giambi hitting a broken bat double to left and a single up the middle.
3) Mariano Rivera came in to pitch the 9th just because he needed some work. It's a joy to watch that man throw a baseball.
4) After Latroy Hawkins threw at Luke Scott, the benches cleared and bullpens emptied. I've never seen a baseball brawl before in person, although there was no brawling -- just a lot of milling around the infield. Then just before it ended and everyone walked back, a very tardy Hideki Matsui emerged from the dugout and trotted out to join in the bloodbath.
5) Mike Bloomberg was booed when the stadium cam showed he was also there at the game.

It's weird to be a (fair weather) Red Sox fan and find myself rooting for the Yankees (my second team). Weird stuff people, weird stuff.

So no love for Bloomberg? New Yorkers are not big on hypocrites I guess.

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