Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Biggest Packing Dilemma

I've been traveling quite a bit lately and the hardest thing I find is packing shoes. I never know what shoes to wear. Here's some practical advice:
Of course, you can't bundle wrap shoes, the bulkiest item.

"Never take more than two pairs of shoes," Dyment says. "In lots of business situations these days, you can buy shoes that are quite dressy looking and yet their internal construction is more like a high-quality running shoe."

For women, Dyment suggests limiting shoes to a pair of low heels and a pair of dressy strappy sandals. In cold-weather climates, he recommends boots with low heels in place of sandals.

The guy runs this website. I'll need to check it out more often, I'm horrible at packing. My mother on the other hand is spectacular at it.

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