Friday, May 02, 2008

What under your kilt?

So I've posted before about my love of kilts.

So I was delighted to see this list of compiled answers to the age old question.
Top 15 favorite responses to women who ask "the question":

15) A lady doesn't ask and a gentleman doesn't tell!
14) If you want to get down on your knees, I'll show you!
13) As you can see.. my socks and shoes/boots!
12) The usual.
11) Well, well, well.. you must be the bad girl in your family!
10) I'll bet you didn't know that I wear a kilt.. just to meet women like you.
9) What do you think? Buy me a pint and maybe I'll let you check for yourself!
8) Well, I don't want to brag.. but this may be a turning point in your life!
7) Nothing is worn.. everything is in perfect working order!
6) Only my wife knows.
5) If I tell you, you're gonna want to see for yourself, just like the last dozen girls!
4) Of course it's true! But, if you want to check, you'll have to show me yours first!
3) If your hands aren't too cold, you can reach up under there and check for yourself!
2) How bad do you want to know?
1) Good girls don't ask.. but bad girls find out for themselves!

Top 10 favorite responses to men who ask, "the question":

10) Haggis!!!
9) It's called REGIMENTAL, dude. Google it.
8) Just what God gave me!
7) Usually the ladies ask that question.. what team are you on anyhow?
6) I usually get up and wear whatever I wore the night before.
5) Your wife's/mother's lipstick.
4) If you were man enough to wear a kilt, what would you wear under it?
3) If you try to check for yourself, expect to wake up in the hospital!
2) Same as you, only BIGGER!
1) Freedom!!! (You really should try it for yourself)!


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