Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fashion Smashion: Scarves

I really don't understand the new trend of scarves that has cropped up in the recent months. It would be bad enough if only girls did it, but "men" - specifically the urban kind - who like to wear skinny jeans, smoke American Spirits cigarettes, and know the latest "it" band while showing their butt crack to the world (a right reserved to teenage girls and middle age plumbers...but I digress) seem to also get into this annoying trend. Does one really need a decorative scarf in 80 degree weather and does it really need to be worn like a bib. Seriously, every time I see this fashion statement it makes me think two things: 1. Someone is hungry and wants to stay clean; 2. Someone wants to look like a faux-terrorists. Okay, mainly I think there just dumb schmucks because it's summer, it's warm, and there is no need to cover your neck.

This is a funnier, better post that gets the point across.

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