Friday, June 06, 2008

The Russian or the American Way

When it comes to how Russians treat their adversaries and how Americans do it - it's like comparing day and night. I've been thinking about this recently, the cut throat approach of Russians and the kid gloves approach of Americans, both leave me unsatisfied. And while I would never want Americans to behave like Russians, sometimes a situations warrants a more severe reaction. I don't think I would openly advocate for this kind of action but Ephraim's words about a deadlocked jury in the case of Naveed Haq, the man who killed one woman and shot six more in a Jewish center while ranting against Israel and the Iraq war, resonated with me:
Only in America could a Muslim invade a Jewish building, gun down Jews while shouting “Death to the Jews” and somehow the jury can’t decide if he’s guilty.
We should do what the Russians do: shoot the fucker. It would save us all time, money, and embarrassment.

Cases like this make me think that sometimes it would just be a little more satisfying if Americans learned a few things from the Russians.

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