Monday, August 18, 2008

Question for Pamela Anderson and other PETA nuts

Sadly, with no intention of actually watching it, I flipped on the new reality show starring Pamela Anderson. It happened to be an episode where she goes to Washington D.C. to raise awareness for P.E.T.A. She goes on and on about the cruelty of animal testing and how it should be stopped. Personally I think there is something a tad bit deficient about people who take the cause of animals above humans welfare. In fact it's almost offensive to me, P.E.T.A. scream and shout about the experiments on animals, yet tend to forget that these experiments lead to life saving drugs/therapies.
Pam is a vegetarian and I think she doesn't use any animal products because she finds the killing of animals cruel (a leather jacket is her worst nightmare). This got me thinking if all those people who are vegetarians on ethical grounds, then shouldn't they do what they preach when it comes to medicines/medical treatments? I haven't really researched well the topic, but maybe there are people who will not seek treatment based on their disgust for using animals to test new drugs/therapies? I mean I know Pam Anderson has Hep. C and supposedly she has said it is under control, I'm sure there are drugs/therapies her doctors treated her with and I'm sure that if not all, then most of those treatments were somehow tested on animals first.
So, my question for people like Pam, would they refuse medical treatment if it was tested initially on animals? As I see it, this would kill two birds with one stone - people like Pam Anderson get to stand by their ideals and others would get the benefit of having fewer idiots around.

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