Tuesday, April 28, 2009

60 Democrats In The Senate

Thanks to Arlen Specter switching officially to Democrat. DrewM at ace's puts it best:
Let's not forget something very important....Arlen Specter is a hack. Not because he's not conservative enough for me, that's his choice. It's that he claims to be a paragon of virtue, the man who will do the right thing ideology be damned. Well, at the first chance he might lose his precious Senate seat he bolts to save his wrinkly old ass.

Specter is simply a morally bankrupt and cowardly man.

If you want to switch parties, that's fine but there's an honorable way to do that. Phil Gramm did it in the early 80's when he resigned so he could run as a Republican.

If Specter can't stand the idea of being a Republican, why not resign and let Rendell reappoint him? Or simply run for the seat against whoever did get the appointment?

Obviously the idea of not being a Senator is a fate worse than death for this coward. No matter how Specter tries to spin this, it's simply an ass saving and cowardly maneuver.

Here's his statement. As far as I can tell it says something like, "blah...blah...blah...moral coward...blah...Specter uber alles...blah...fuck the GOP..."

Toomey 2010!

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