Monday, April 13, 2009

The Past Four Days I Have

- Traveled over 800 miles in my car.
- Visited four different states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey).
- Have spent time with loved ones from as far away as Vancouver and San Antonio and as close as NYC.
- Munched on my nieces delicious, delicious, delicious, (have I mentioned delicious?) cheeks.
- Realized how bitter I am about the whole "cancer" thing. Kind of got over it.
- Ate a lot of meat, potatoes, and matzos.
- Watched three very well performed plays by my nephews and niece.
- Became a police officer and hair stylist and made my doctor boyfriend share the wealth in the game of LIFE.
- Forgot my camera to the great regret of boyfriend and all the children I encountered.
- Fell in love with beautiful (yet frigid) Manhattan, Central Park is gorgeous.
- Visited my first Wawa, with great fanfare.
- Played some darts and watched Coming to America with PN. How funny is the Macdowell bit? Love that movie. What ever happened to Arsenio Hall?
- Got stuck in multiple traffic jams.
- Ate my first mallomars for Passover c/o my bf.
- While driving to CT I saw the same car I blogged about months ago, on the streets of NYC. The dudes looked pretty much how I expected.
- Oh and Dawn Summers started blogging, and although I haven't read a word of her blog yet, I am very excited.

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