Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gone Fishing August 2009 Edition

I just wanted to write a quick note saying I know this blog has be the suckage for the last month or two. I just haven't had the need to write something of substance and from the heart (as corny as it sounds). Actually, I have had the need just no time or energy to actually do it.
I have a few important projects to complete before I will able to even MOVE ON with my real life you know moving to the SAME city as the guy I love, finding a career/job/path that doesn't suck out my soul everyday and brings me some financial security/stability. Those things would be nice.
Hey and if you know something I would be perfect for comment away. I need a fucking clue and a job in the tri-state area.
I'm going to still link and post songs. But I don't know when I will actually get to writing something I'm excited about and (somewhat) happy with. Something that I know I will want to read in a few years and remind myself - this is what I was thinking/feeling/doing in August 2009.

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