Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Legacy of America's Royalty

In my inbox: "The legacy of the Kennedy family is one of nepotism, thuggery, murder, and arrogance. No wonder people gush about them being America's version of royalty."

It's bad to talk about badly about people who have died (since they can't respond)so I won't offer too many thoughts on Ted Kennedy, in fact I won't read any of the eulogies, I don't have time for lavish compliments that will be hurled with great gusto at one of the biggest egotistical hypocrites this side of Washington. RIP Ted Kennedy.

Update: "If they are going to bring up Camelot, I am going to bring up the Lady in the Lake." Against my better judgment I read some more about Kennedy's "legacy." He waited NINE hours before contacting the police. How did he not go to jail? Or right I forgot he is a Kennedy, above the law but willing to tell others how to live their lives.

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