Thursday, November 19, 2009

Greeting Cards Anxiety

I tend to dislike giving greeting cards. I want to write sincerely and having a cute little character, a silly joke, or overly-serious photo of a beautiful landscape just doesn't do it for me. I get anxious about how to really convey to the person that they mean a lot to me, that they are special, and I want them around for long time, hopefully while being 90% content & in good health.

So even though I don't like giving greeting cards, whenever I'm in a store I love looking at funny cards. In fact while waiting for my sister to give birth to my adorable niece, I spent some time looking over a bunch of funny cards. It also helps that my boyfriend is an awesome card maker/writer - the dude is funny and touching - it's all a girl can ask for - so when it comes to giving cards I go to him for help aka I make him write the darn thing. I also love someecards, when I need a quick laugh they are a good place to go for inspiration.

While on a recent window shopping adventure in Northampton (the land of Smith college and lots of lesbians, but I repeat myself) I found uncooked cards.
They were funny and sometimes a little too gross for my taste, but fun time wasters none the less. I might even buy a few and sign my name at the bottom and give it to my "loved" ones.

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