Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Shopping (Alt. Titled: Boring Crap Petitedov Did)

One of the things I didn't do this weekend, which I was very grateful for, was go shopping. Hell on Earth is going shopping on Black Friday (at least for me)! Instead I spent the day in a lazy haze with the guy in my life - we braved the windy and (almost) deserted streets to grab a burger at J.G. Melons, watched the fantastic, utterly charming, very funny, and appropriate for all ages - The Fantastic Mr. Fox, (even if two tickets did cost $25! - but thanks to a gift card, cost us sweet, sweet, nothing!) and then capped the night at the very affordable and very cozy, The Pony Bar (even if I had to firmly, yet sweetly, wrestle our well deserved seats).
So even though I don't like Black Fridays, I do tend to look out for deals on Cyber Monday or whatever today is called. I was keeping an eye on one thing! One! A remastered Abbey Road CD if you must know. And low and behold, I go to buy it and stupid, no good, Amazon had sold out of it! Bastards.

Point of this post: Shopping sucks. Go drink some beer and watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox you will thank me.

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