Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Political Correct Cultural

Ace's touches on the destructive policies that exist and perpetuated by our own government of being overly sensitive to certain groups. Writing about the Fort Hood atrocity and the investigation on why Hasan wasn't removed before he could commit the atrocity.
This investigation will go nowhere, because no one will ever admit they refrained from acting out of fear they would be punished and their careers terminated for doing so. In other words, the government has created a perfectly self-sustaining system of willful ignorance: They will cashier people who lodge complaints about people about to "Go Muslim," but, on the other hand, those people, having failed to take the necessary steps to protect human life, in order to protect their careers, will never have the guts to admit they did so, and will blame their inaction on other factors.

Which is just what the government wants: It wants these things swept under the carpet and deliberately overlooked, and it furthermore wants its very policy of sweeping these things under the carpet and deliberately overlooking them themselves to be swept under the carpet and deliberately overlooked.

That's the way it perpetuates this scandalous indifference to security and human life: It has created such a perverse system of rewards and penalties that no one can publicly admit to being so monstrous and callous as to act according to that system of rewards and penalties.

The system will remain in place, because no one dares admit the very existence of The System at all. The System requires denial of The System. In fact, that's rule one of The System.

And so we see here, everyone who could have acted to stop Hasan's murderous rampage quickly ascribes their behavior to any other motive -- well, we just need mental health professionals in the Army; even -- dare I say especially? -- mental health professionals who are themselves floridly schizophrenic lunatics, because hey, personal experience and all -- rather than admitting to following the covert, cowardly policy the government actually favors and enforces. Secretly.

Read the whole thing as they say.

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