Monday, December 21, 2009

I Should Be Asleep...

but there is too many things floating in my head. Things I expect in the following year:
1. My hair will get long enough for a pony tail.
2. I will quit my stinky, unappreciative, shit paying job.
3. I will learn at least 3 new skills!
4. I will see at least 5 movies in the theater.
5. I will live in 10-15 mile radius of my boyfriend.
6. I will buy a sled and go sledding in Central Park again.
7. I will lose weight and look better than I did before I got sick.
8. I will go on a vacation with Peter. A real, honest to goodness, just the two of us vacation.
9. I will take lots of fancy photos with my expensive camera I have yet to purchase.
10. I will have strength to find a meaningful way to spend my time here on earth.

A modest list I think.

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