Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Bit of Navel Gazing

Okay a lot of navel gazing. But isn't that what personal blogging is all about? I found this photo among long ago forgotten photos my sister had. I love it - even though it's dark, blurry, and hides most of my face.

I, like most girls, don't like seeing photos of myself (although I don't mind if someone takes one). There is another photo my sister took that everyone, and I do mean everyone, in my family loved and put on their walls. So while admiring the artistry of the photo, I don't necessarily love it.

This photo above though, this is how I see myself, even though I haven't looked like that in few years. I actually like my profile, even though it typically horrifies me, and I love that I'm talking - something I do a lot (too much sometimes). I look messy, but not too messy. All in all the kind of impression I want to create - pretty, opinionated, curious, and a bit untidy. I don't think this photo actually says that to others, but it says that to me. A sort of ideal version of myself.

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