Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Wrong With Newton?

I guess someone didn't do enough third world country charity work in their twenties and now being middle aged and having sent your kids to prestigious ivies you don't have anything better to do than to knit and invite enemy combatants to live in your town. Good grief.
Abdul Aziz Naji, 34, spent nearly eight years behind bars in Guantanamo Bay.

He was held as an enemy combatant and was finally cleared for release in May 2009.

The US bans former detainees from entering the country, but members of Newton's Board of Aldermen want to change that. They're proposing a resolution to Congress to allow cleared detainees into the US.

via Peter

Update: Surprise! Newton is dropping the resolution.
Following fierce public opposition, the Newton Board of Alderman decided not to move forward on a resolution urging Congress to lift the ban on allowing Guantanamo detainees to move to the United States.

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