Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why I Stay Away From Celebrity Interviews

Besides the fact that ninety percent of them are boring and follow pretty much the two to three variations on the same format (unless that is you're John Meyer apparently). Here AV notices one of my pet-peeve tropes, pretty actress telling us she's just doesn't think she's beautiful:
They’re indulging in the favorite celebrity profile trope of fashion magazines: A decadent, 6-page photo spread of a pretty actress looking incandescent and gorgeous, accompanied by an interview where the actress reveals her low self-esteem. No doubt the magazine thinks this formula “humanizes” the actress (again, this is sad in at least 5 ways). After all, isn’t everyone insecure? But they fail to recognize that not everyone is a successful movie star styled for 4 hours before posing in a pile of purple organza for the cover of a magazine. The overall effect of profiles like In Style’s is discordance. It’s like watching someone flawlessly execute a complicated dance routine, while being prodded to say, “Oh, I have two left feet!”

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