Monday, March 29, 2010

Completely Unscientific Observation

I have a theory about couples. It's completely unscientific, the only evidence I have is from couples I met and from countless facebook photos I've seen of people dating/engaged/married. Here's my observation: people who date look alike. Shape of head, coloring matter, even the shape of the nose might attract you to that certain someone that looks familiar.

For example, I think my boyfriend and I could pass off as brother and sister - we both have huge dark eyes, wavy dark hair, and we both have an oval shaped face. I know some people might cringe at this (hi Peter!) but there it is, my unscientific observations. I'm sure you've heard people refer to old married couples as starting to look alike after living together, except I don't think it's the time factor, but in fact, from the start they had some physical traits they recognized in their partners that they recognized in themselves (unconsciously)

We are all self-centered to some extent and it makes total sense that we want to seek a partner that looks like us. Call it the Narcussus couples, but I actually think it makes a whole lot of sense to be attracted to someone that reminds of you, but still different enough without the icky factor.

Of course there are caveats, people may be romantically involved for all sorts of reasons (money, status, crippling low self-esteem, loneliness) and maybe physical attraction doesn't enter into those equations as much. I know this is not an all encompassing theory, but I've definitely see a trend.

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