Monday, March 01, 2010

Missing The Little Gnome

For the last few weeks our house has been overrun with the little gnome (aka my niece) and her parents. Since Saturday it has been very quiet around here without them. Family living far away is the worst. Anyway, the toys have been packed up and the pile of laundry is waiting for me at home. It's been fun while it lasted even with the separation anxiety crying and the poopy diapers. I will miss all of it. In the meantime I'll get to remember the very sloppy kisses I got from the munchkin, her strange fascination with my photo hanging in the living room, the way she says Aya, when she means my mother, how she nods her head when she says yes, hearing her laugh while sledding, and the way she not only accepted Peter as her kin, but wanted him and no one else to carry her around the MET (she has good taste in men, obviously). It's all been incredibly endearing and I really can't wait to see the whole family again. Living far away from people you love really, really, sucks.

P.S. My niece has the best toothy smile ever. Mischief and sweet.

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