Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snippet Of The Weekend

It's the first day of Passover and instead of working (albeit feeling very guilty about it) I am in bed, coughing my lungs out and trying to work from home. Working from home is much more fun when I'm not so sick that I just want to pass out for a few days. Anyhoo, yesterday I put on my rain coat because the weather got confused and instead of reminding us that 3,000 years ago we (Jews) were wondering in the desert, it reminded us of Noah and the flood. It's been raining, hard, for several days now...not to mention last week into tsunami territory and well now I'm sick and I blame the rain and no amounts of threats will change that.

So anyways, back to the raincoat, I put it on and a very nice smell escaped from it. You see over the weekend I visited A Salt and Battery, Peter had a hankering for some Fish and Chips, and it being very London weather on Sunday it seemed like the right place to be. Anyhoo, the shop is tiny and we sat there for quite sometime, coats on bar stools, our butts on the coats, enjoying incredibly delicious British food (seems like an oxymoron, but not in this case). In fact it led me to again confirm my suspicions, in order to make delicious restaurant food you have 1) cook relatively well 2)Have good, fresh ingredients. If you have those two things, that's a recipe to success. Of course in order to know what is good/fresh ingredients might not be so easy. So since we were in this place for a bit, our coats has acquired a distinct aroma of grease. A smell that I thought would be gone by the next day, but not so, can't say it's the worst smell in the world. A Salt and Battery also has a sister shop, Tea and Sympathy, right next door. As we were making our way back, in the light rain, I looked up to see two very bearded, burly men (might have been hipster posers) framed by a wooden window, sharing a very floral pot of tea between them, drinking out of very beautiful, but highly feminine cups. A nice image for the rainy day outing.

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