Monday, May 03, 2010

Double Standards For All

Gib is kind of back. Pointing out that if we should have double standards for one form of politician, than shouldn't the same be applied to politicians on the other side.
When Republicans get more crap over sex scandals than Democrats, the claim is made that this is fair because Republicans trumpet "family values" as a key plank, which means that David Vitter's shenanigans are a far greater betrayal than, say, Eliot Spitzer's. OK, fair enough. But applying the same argument, the party that wants to get the government more involved has a higher obligation to keep their noses clean. Put another way, a party that brought their own pitchforks and torches to the doors of Charlie Rangel and Christopher Dodd years ago could tell me to put my faith in the government. A party that tells me to trust the government, but trusts these assclowns to run it, is basically David Vitter paying for erotic massages, only they're using my money, and there's no happy ending.
I hope Gib keeps writing and posting more.

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