Monday, May 17, 2010

Political Pet Peeve

I hate, hate when politicians talk about their "public service" record (Hi Arlen Specter!). If they had to endure the kind of public service military personnel have to endure the term is laughable. They get a huge salary, many, many perks, and personal staff at their back and call. And to call their work a public service and put in the context of self sacrifice. That's why I like the following suggestion:

Andy Goss knows exactly what he'll do if he wins his long-shot race for the U.S. Congress. First, he'll cut lawmakers' pay 40% to $104,400. Then the former Army interrogator will use the savings to build a Capitol Hill barracks where all 535 senators and representatives will be required to live.

"If our military has to live in such a fashion, I think we congressmen should also," says Mr. Goss, one of four men seeking the Republican nomination in southeastern Arizona.

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