Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some SATC2 Red Carpet Reflections

Why does Matthew Broderick always look slightly embarrassed whenever I see him being photographed with his wife on the red carpet. He just looks in pain most of the time.

I like SJP's dress, especially asymmetrical part at the top. I like how flowy it is, although I think it is a tad long, and I thing the bright yellow is bold color. And yet something is off about it and I can't decide what. As a side note I wonder what kind of bra one wears with that dress. I think that's always my number one questions when I see woman on the carpet and they manage not to show a bra strap and yet manage to defy gravity.

Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda) looks so pretty with long hair, it softens her look. I also dig her understated dress.

Hey look it's Sarah Paulsen and Amanda Peet together, laughing on the red carpet. Remember that show they were on together? Me neither. But it had that hot guy with a vaguely Russian name and it was boring as hell. Jack and Jill?

Liza totally killed it.

Side note, it seems like Sex and City 2 is trying to be a bit more than a 2-hour-fashion show with a few plot points thrown in, seems somebody decided to be a bit politically incorrect.

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