Sunday, June 06, 2010

Postcards of the Southwest

"We met by a trick of fate..." I would like to report that I'm still quite obsessed with Camera Obscura's "French Navy" song (below). It was the song of the trip besides all the other music Peter played for us in the car. I would say "Maestro!" and he would step up to the role of a world class DJ (who has a propensity for British bands)! I know vacations can't last all the time, but really it's not a bad life going from one interesting (and very beautiful) to place to another with the one you love. I highly recommend it.
I would never have thought to go this part of the country if it wasn't for Peter. It is awe inspiring. I still can't wrap my mind around the Grand Canyon. "Grand" doesn't do it justice - majestic, mind-blowingly big would probably be closer to how it felt to me.
I'm sad to be heading home, even with minor crappy stuff that occurred on the trip. Every trip has moments of slight crap, some more than others, this one had one or two and came towards the very end...all having to do with my absent mindedness - but you know what time and time again I'm reminded it's not what happens to you it's how you deal with it (or how your wonderful, supportive, smart boyfriend deals with it). In one word: awesome.

P.S. 75 mph is a truelly awesome thing, but not when you are driving a Nissan Versa. #horriblepickup #leadfoot

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