Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad Men Time! Some Quick Thoughts

Mad Men is back and I'm happy about it. To tell the truth, sometimes I like the show more, after I watch it and process what happened. The episode starts with a question of "Who is Don Draper?" (like Don I hate the referring to one self in the third person) - it seems to be the question of the whole series has been focused on. We know who Don is and was - the mid-Western boy who transformed himself, and yet who is the existential Don is still to be decided. I loved seeing him alone in his apartment, the man who eats in front of the television and then falls asleep. Before, whether at or at home, he was always acting - the creative genius, the seducer, the prefect provider for Betty. This is the first time where we just see him alone, devoid of an audience. I liked the disheveled look on Don. And the whole hooker sex scene, yeah not surprising - Don likes to be demeaned/dominated. He needs to be dominated in bed, since in every other aspect of his life (except maybe for Betty) he is in control and in charge.

Speaking of Betty, not keen on that one, at all. Her bullshit that she deserves the house and her not being punctual because she used to wait for Don many times before is pure pity-party drivel. Her behavior is childish at best, I understand that she wants to hurt Don, but at the expense of her children?! Not letting Don see the baby? Pathetic.

The Marsha/John banter was pretty enjoyable.

The last shot of Don with the Wall Street reporter, in reverse position from the first shot was pretty good too, Don is back in control.

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