Monday, August 16, 2010

Go Go Gadget Shirt

For the Inspector Gadget lover in your life, a perfect t-shirt:

Recently someone remarked on how is it that in every single episode the exact same thing would happen (the niece would save the inspector with the help of the dog and the evil guy stroking the cat would be all mad) - and yet I loved that series and would watch when I could. Weird.

In other television news I started watching Buffy, I'm enjoying some 90's clothes. Especially, the opaque tights with short skirts and the jackets. I dig the jackets. Not so hot: metallic shirts for guys. And while it's no Serenity (I really could do without all the scary looking vampires), the banter is still the awesomeness that is Joss Whedon and I'm trying to concentrate on that.

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