Sunday, October 17, 2010

A (ever growing) Short List

Recent events have made me come up with a list of places I like humanity the least or in other words want to murder almost every single person I see:
1. Costco or any food store on a busy weekend afternoon. Most of the people who shop are zombies easily swayed by shiny light in the distance. Pet Peeve: people stopping in the middle of the aisle for no apparent reason.
2. Horrible, mind numbing, miles long traffic. I thought, to some extent, I have become a better driver. One more in control, less impulsive, and far less likely to stick the middle finger while cutting a batty old grandma who can't see over her wheel. But no, apparently all that was momentary lapse, because last weekend stuck in 7 hour traffic from Massachusetts to New Jersey the inner crazy emerged. People who make me hate humanity:
a)Mindless cell phone talkers.
b)Old people, who find virtue in driving slow.
c)Mother types, in cars that should be driven in a war zone and not a saburb.
d)Assholes who knowingly cut everyone off at the exist. I hope there is a special place for them in hell. Apparently, their time is more precious than others, plus that behavior causes even more
backed up traffic.
3. Crowded bars with loud music. Thank Gd I can avoid these places.
4. RMV. The flourescent lighting. The grimace on each employees face. The knowledge that no matter how early you get there, three hours of your life will be taken from you.

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