Monday, October 15, 2012

Cliches Are Boring

This is intriguing?
But when Stella heeds his instructions about how to talk to callers—and people in general—she turns out to be absolutely right about modern relationships, and breaks Cam's hyper-aggressive facade, getting him to talk about the fiancee that abandoned him. Feminism is right, the show seems to be arguing, but it's packaged in a way that turns people off. And Stella's a stiff not because feminism is inherently uptight, but because she's hiding herself behind magazine articles and academic studies rather than putting herself forward. It's an almost shockingly interesting argument for network television to attempt, and I'm sorry I don't get to see Next Caller develop it further.
I'm pretty sure every other romantic comedy has this plot: Boorish guy meets a geeky/uptight girl who makes him get in touch with his sensitive side, while she learns to be a little bit care free. Then they kiss have sex and the credits roll. This sort of thing rarely exists in the real world, actually it just doesn't.

I don't understand how anyone who writes about television or pop culture can say this premise is "shockingly interesting" - it maybe a world view she shares and would like to see more of but interesting or unique it is not. Also, it's never about the premise, when it comes to comedy, it's about the jokes, the contents not the shallow outline or presupposed political ideals.

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