Wednesday, December 26, 2012


There was snow today, which turned into very wet rain, with huge gusts of wind. It was unpleasant waiting for the late bus. I told my co-workers about the Irony of Fate scene where the guy keeps saying "Must drink less. Less I must drink." I don't think it sounds as good in English as it does in Russian. I also reference a French Kiss line and those coworkers didn't appreciate it.

I came home tired and hungry. Peter was (finally) sorting old photos into the photo albums. The Pogues were playing, I ate some left overs from the Christmas Eve dinner and settled with my laptop into the comfy recliner. Then Paul Simon's Graceland album was put into rotation and everything felt a little bit magical. That album is amazing. Perfect for almost any mood and is sure to raise your spirits.

Last night we visited Peter's mom and I borrowed Roman Holidays from her vast collection of movies. Now I must convince Peter to watch it with me which will be unlikely. So yeah then Candace posted on FB this video and I liked the song - one the more upbeat songs about breaking up I've heard in a while. So there is that, I like it and it's fitting my mood perfectly tonight.

Peter found a photo from our "wedding" party, with my three best friends and me. Reminded me three countries are represented W. is in India, J. is in Israel, G. is in Boston, and I'm here in New York.

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