Thursday, January 03, 2013


Having a sick husband, is almost like having a sicks child. Although not in my case. I married someone who is beyond independent. So much so, that when I wanted to baby him while he was out with a horrible case of the flu he refused most of my advances. Which I guess is a blessing, even if I feel slightly slighted in wife-role.

Every morning I wake up to hear Peter stuffed up nose "breathing" next to me. It gives me motivation to hop out of bed, much like what I would imagine a parent feels when doing something altruistic for their child. You want to go back to sleeping, but can't because 3,584 things that you need to get done before you go to work won't get done. It fills me with altruistic glee and makes me very sleepy at the same time. It also has the bonus effect of me eating breakfast at home and putting together a healthy lunch! Let's see if I can keep this up past one week, without the stuffy nose next to me.

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Peter said...

Your real motivation to get out of bed is to get away from these germs.