Monday, May 12, 2008

Evidence I Was Adopted

As of late, my mother has developed a penchant for hanging photographs all around our house. Although I'm a fan of a photograph or two, my sister and I both tend to dislike the gazillion photos our family home is now covered in. So while in the process of house cleaning, I mentioned to my mother how it wouldn't be that bad if the photos were somewhat in similar frames, like maybe sticking to one color of frame at least in one room. My mother's reply was that she doesn't like frames that are the same, that it's boring, she prefers the mismatched look. Did I mention that my sister and I are in half of these photos and for some reason my mother has the knack of picking the photos of ourselves that we absolutely hate? Ya, so the whole not matching goes against my very mild form of OCD, not only do I look horrible in the photos but adding to horridness is the bright silver frame my photo is encased right next to a plastic frame of my grandmother. Maybe it's something that comes with age, bad taste that is, I'll have to see and find out.

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