Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Batman Review by Ace

I like ace's take on the film, I found myself thinking the same things....the good thing he can actually put it in writing and make it coherent.

My slightly longer than one word review: Overblown, overhyped, overplotted, overstuffed, and overlong....

Everyone praises the cast. I don't see it. I grant that just about everyone in this movie is a strong actor. (Except for the giggly Maggie Gyllenhallenhyllenhallenhal, who actually made me nostalgic for the authenticity and gravitas of Katie Holmes.) But no one, except Heath Ledger, actually has to do much difficult acting. It does not exactly tax an actor of Gary Oldman's talents to say "The Joker is robbing mob-controlled banks." And that's largely the sort of line everyone in the movie delivers at all times; again, the need to cut 4 hours worth of plot into a 2 hour forty minute running time excludes most other dialogue. (And on Gary Oldman -- I'm very disappointed that the movie gives him such short shrift. Jim Gordon is a hell of a character, just as heroic (but not as flashy) as Batman, but here plays third fiddle hero after Harvey Dent and Batman -- and yes, in that order.)

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