Wednesday, July 30, 2008

People really could care less how happy you are.

Rachel Lucas, in her wonderful kick ass wisdom captures why people, for the most part, like writing about stuff that pisses them off as opposes to sunshine and bunny rabbits.

So now, about how if one writes too often about shit that pisses her off, which makes people tell you to “be happy,” and how that in itself is shit that pisses me off: if you either do not have a blog, or you do have a blog but it is boring, then you need to shut your cakehole about how often a blogger like me blogs about shit that pisses her off. Do you really think that I would get any traffic if all I wrote about were great things I love? Do those who say, “oh, be happy,” actually want to read about things that make me happy? This is what a post like that would be like:

Tuna salad! God how I love it. Rupert has a flair for crafting the most perfect tuna salad in the world, and I like to eat it as often as possible. It tastes good and I like the texture, especially because he includes chopped boiled eggs, which have that awesome spongy, soft-yet-weirdly-crunchy-but-not-crunchy-AT-ALL quality. And you can’t forget the pickle relish, which gives the tuna salad a certain kick that just really knocks my socks off.

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