Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New York Might Be Fitter Than Boston

Not to start the debate of which city is better (they both have their charms and deficiencies) but does make sense that New Yorkers tend to be more fit because of all the walking they do. I'm definitely a lover of walks - it's nice after a satisfying meal to stroll a few blocks or twenty. The food digest, while you pat yourself on the back for not falling asleep after a long meal.

I like this snippet at the NYC busy bodied Health Department:
Earlier this year the department reported that New Yorkers had gained 10 million pounds in just two years. Gosh! "Consumers must have calorie information readily available when they are ordering food at chain restaurants," Commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden proclaimed, "and we must continue to increase access to fruits and vegetables in the neighborhoods where healthy foods are not readily accessible."

Bureaucrats do not [heart] Dunkin' Donuts!

Likewise, bureaucrats do not [heart] elevators. Around the same time that Frieden was decrying the 5,000-ton weight gain, the city launched its not exactly ubiquitous "Burn Calories, Not Electricity. Take the Stairs!" campaign. ("Killing obesity and global warming with one stone," New York Times writer Jennifer Lee remarked.) Since May, Frieden's department has been offering a free, green "Take the Stairs!" poster of a little Gumby man walking up the stairs for landlords to place next to their elevators. I have yet to spot one.

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