Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Study: TV shows depict hot, passionate, sex outside of wedlock.

I know I was shocked too. Who commisions these studies and can I get paid to be the "scientist" who comes up with these earth shattering findings? Yes, tv shows often depict naughty, fun kind of sex - because tv is for entertainment, not a fucking moral spewing instruction program that tells people how to live their lives. Seriously, people spend money on this?
As for references to pornography, sex toys and "kinky" behavior, those are now common on TV, the report said. Visual references to practices such as voyeurism and sadomasochistic sex outnumbered married-sex references by a ratio approaching 3 to 1.

I'm frightened just reading that. It's a scary tv world we live in. It's not like people have the power of choice and supervision of their kids. It's not like you can turn off television.

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