Thursday, August 13, 2009

Comedy of Errors

Many times I have watched sitcoms or comedies where a simple misunderstanding leads to disastrous, yet funny results. Usually, these comic routines leave me cold, how could no one say the full sentence to get the point across!? Often it's a character who is about to reveal some troubling news, when the other character says something banal like "I know" and they all sigh with relief - until half hour later they realize they were referring to two completely different things. Being a talker, I just could not comprehend this ever happening in my life, every time I would see this plot unfold I would roll my eyes and skip the channel. Finding it unbelievable, but also a bit too painful too watch since the misunderstanding tended to cause pain or humiliation or other rather unfortunate emotions that people found funny, while I found it cringe worthy. I would yell out the complete sentence and then turn off the tv.

Well it turns out I was wrong. You can have this exact situation happen in real life. Especially when you are dealing with my boss and his dim witted daughter. One idiot didn't specify which class he was thinking about the other idiot didn't think to confirm about said class. Thus I spent the whole fucking morning embarrassing myself with clients, only to have to eat my words when I realized by questioning one of the guilty parties how this whole mess came about. I thought it couldn't happen in real life, yet there I was well past the time I should have left for home, shaking my head at the idiots I have to work with everyday and the messes I get to clean because G-d decided to give me half a brain. So yes, I'm here to testify: this does happen in real life and it's not funny but sad, humiliating, and annoying - I'm hoping time will give me the opportunity to laugh at it.

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