Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Musical Coincidences

A while back I posted about falling in love with the song "Thirteen." It sounded so familiar, sweet, and intimate. I was sure I hadn't heard the song before hearing it on NPR. Turns out I was wrong. Elliott Smith covered the song on his posthumous released album, which I only listened to a handful of times, but not enough to recognize the music.
Today I'm killing time before my PET scan (which I always confuse with CAT scan) because I have to drink a milky solution, that is slightly sweet and slightly makes me gag. It's really not that bad. I put on the first disc of New Moon and there came the familiar notes of "Thirteen."
I've had other lovely coincidences when it comes to Elliott Smith. Like the one and only time I saw him in concert, at Field Day on a cold and rainy day in New Jersey, although he was mostly out of it he managed to sing a beautiful rendition of the Beatles' "Long, Long, Long" - my favorite song by the band and quite a poignant song at the time. It was quite special moment, out of the many different songs he could have sang, he chose my favorite. It was a pretty spectacular moment for me.
The remarkable little coincidences, mostly imagined by me, that have occurred with Elliott Smith's music have made it like listening to an old confident, who knows you pretty well. I wish Elliott was alive, for that matter I wish a lot of other people were alive too.

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