Monday, December 13, 2010

She'll Кeep The Economy Going

From Marina:

Мы вместе с Фанечкой кормим Гулю завтраком.

Фаня: "Гуля, а куда тебе налить чай, у тебя есть своя чашечка"
Гуля: "Нет,"- подумав,- "надо купить."

Last week I visited my sister and got to spend a lot of time with my 2 year old niece. She's quite verbal for her age and there are a lot funny/sweet things she says. A bunch of them get recorded on a Russian blog which for the most part my sister and her mother in law contribute to. I stole this from that blog.

One morning when Marina (MIL/grandmother) and I were feeding her I asked her "Gulya, where do you want me to pour the tea? Do you have your own, "special" mug?" To which my niece replied:
"No," - contemplating the matter, - "we need to buy that."

Obviously that's the solution to most things!

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