Friday, March 04, 2011

Local Bad Guy

You know who is not going to be the terrorist in the crime drama that I watch? (I watch a lot Bones, Lie to Me, Castle, NCIS. Although listen, rather than watch, is more accurate, because while I do mind numbing reports the shows play in the background.)

Well it's sure isn't going to be the hard working, devote Muslim immigrant who is suspected at first. Most likely it will be a white guy, with a chip to grind with the US government. Also, somewhere in the middle we will know how hard the guy has been working in America, how much they love America and can't wait to be/love being a US citizen, and how frustrated he gets with all the profiling and hate of the American society.

I don't mind that the bad guy is not a Muslim extremist, why should that be, (although never having a Muslim be terrorist also grinds my teeth - see 9/11 Attack, Ft. Hood shooting, or the killing of 2 US soldiers this week). What I do mind, is when usually the Muslim guy start pontificating about how wonderful and peaceful Islam is. Letting us, the stupid American(?) viewers know all about the wonderful history of Islam. It's an assumption on the part of the producers, writers, - whoever decides now we will have five minute of teaching those idiots on how awesome and normal Islam is. Funny but I never hear pontification of a Catholic guy, who just heard a reference to Catholic priest abusing boys, go into a long winded speech about the love that Jesus and thus his Representative on earth - the Pope - is spreading through Catholicism - and those priests were a singularity rather than the rule.

Interesting how that works.

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