Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On Life & Love

When I was a kid, new to America, I read three kinds of books: historical (mostly about the Holocaust, I was slightly obsessed), the classics, and biographies. I loved reading about old movie stars, like Fred Astaire, or writers I admired.

Reading over this old post about my heroes reminded me of two things: One, I wish Yaron would write at Daily Lunch again, he's funny. Two, I really love George Burns. I don't remember much about George Burns life - but I remember that he was happy, grew up from a poor Jewish family, broke into show business, and that he loved his wife Gracie dearly. That makes him a hero in my book.

Sometimes I think that love doesn't exist anymore. Amid the horrible divorces and back stabbing. This loyal, unwavering love is just for sappy romantic comedies. And then I think of George Burns and his love for his Gracie. And then I think of my love and I know it does.

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