Monday, April 25, 2011

Candy Bust

I'm glad the government is protecting the children. What would we do without them!?!
Jigs Patel, who recently opened the London Candy Co. on the Upper East Side, where he is importing candy from the U.K., had already run out of his Kinder eggs by the time he got his visit from a CPSC official just before Easter.

"They obviously took this very seriously," Patel said. "I actually found it very amusing. It's a bloody chocolate with a toy inside. It's not smuggling crack cocaine."

He said that customers in the store that day found it funny, too.

"They were like, 'Don't they have better things to do than hunt down Kinder eggs?'

By the way all the Russian Food stores have Kinder Eggs. The only crappy thing is that they are ridiculously expensive and I can't order them online anymore.

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