Monday, April 25, 2011

Moral of the Story: Elvis was actually Jewish

I found this turning matzah into something tasty, kind of hilarious. I mean deduct points for putting BACON with matzah but other than that, awesome.
Ian: Just as Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, this sandwich led the skinny Elvis into being the fat Elvis.

Peter: Evidence Elvis was a secret Jew? One, he loved his mother. Two, this sandwich. Evidence he was not a Jew? Everything else he ever did.

Also proof Elvis was Jewish:
According to rabbinic law, a Jew is defined as either a person born of a Jewish mother or one who has been converted to Judaism. Thus Elvis Presley was Jewish the old fashioned way – through maternal descent.....

Historian and biographer Elaine Dundy writes about Elvis Aron Presley’s Jewish heritage in her book "Elvis and Gladys":

"...Nancy Burdine was married to Abner Tackett (Elvis’ great great maternal grandmother). Nancy was of particular interest to Gladys for her Jewish heritage, often remembering Nancy's sons for their Jewish names Sidney and Jerome. Nancy and Abner had a daughter Martha who married White Mansell. The daughter which they named Octavia, nick-named Doll, who was Elvis' maternal grandmother."

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