Monday, April 04, 2011

Car Lust

I have always been a bit enamored with weirdly shaped cars. At one point, I confess, I even thought of getting a PT Cruiser, only to realize what a horribly ugly car it was. Then there was the fascination with the VW Beetle. Which after test driving it as a rental seems like a great car (turbo engines are very fun), especially having a rather tall husband, yet as far as the needed upkeep (VW doesn't have the best reputation on that front) I'm still not sold.
Enter the mini-cooper, it's British by way of BMW and it glows on the inside. Also it's small and cute, and I'm very drawn to those two criteria. Also, it's a good car to have, especially when the most frequent passenger in your car tells you, every time you look for parking in the busy streets of Manhattan, about the horrible Smart car.

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