Saturday, June 04, 2011

What I've Been Watching - Quickies

I'm not sure if it's Stephane's influence or what, but I've been watching a lot of movies lately. Actually to a movie or two in a theater. Something I haven't done in quite a long while.

Source Code
It all started innocently enough with Peter suggesting to see Atlas Shrugged, Yaron and Lee also were in the mood for some light Ayn Rand's propaganda, thus joined us on a very rainy night in Manhattan. Anyhoo, we get to the theater where the movie was supposedly playing, only to find out someone messed up or was playing a cruel joke on the 7 Libertarians in the Tri-State area, and the movie was being shown at another AMC. Apparently, we weren't the only schmucks who fell for the listing, an incredibly angry man (from NJ?! maybe) was giving all Rand fans a bad name by throwing a first rate tantrum at the ticket counter, demanding not only to be repaid for the tickets he bought online but, his dinner and transportation costs (I hope someone punched him, because I think we all had the urge as we walked away).

Thus we were left with few good choices, I made an executive decision and went with the (then) new Jake Gylkmdslkfmhal movie, Source Code - a thriller about Jake going back in time to solve train being blown up. Trusting my friend from FilmSoc, via his facebook, reviews that the movie was good I urged the group to see this piece of crap train wreck (no pun intended, really). Basically any movie involving time travel and Jake Gylkmdslkfmhal, will evidently make no real sense (see Donnie Darko). Not only was the story weak, the ending made no logical sense at all, BUT it had the fake out plot with a nice Muslim dude, just being a nice Muslim dude! Arrrgh! I felt dumber having seen that movie. Although we went out for Mexican food after and most things were made better by Sangria.

Jane Eyre
Mia Wasikowska from In Therapy, stars as Jane. There was something incredibly visceral about this film. Even if you aren't a big fan of Jane Eyre (like me), or into Gothic chick movies, this is well done - and worth renting. The film emphasizes the physical and the emotional struggle Jane undergoes, more so than any other version I have seen. The romance is quite muted, instead the film over and over emphasizes Jane's incredible obstacles and strength. The film is beautifully shot, but feels too modern at times, I was reminded of those moody hipsterish videos.

So apparently this movie is not all gross out humor or the female version of Hangover (although the script for this movie was written before Hangover script, but I digress). I actually really loved the gross out part(s) - and I'm usually the one who is easily grossed out and skips that part of the movie. The great acting by Kristen Wiig and the other cast members, especially the versatile Melissa McCarthy (Snookie from Gilmore Girls), is refreshing and lands the film a certain gravitas it otherwise would lack and thus make it too ridiculous to connect with. I know I'm probably the only person to mention Bridesmaids and gravitas together but this movie made me care about the characters and identify with more than one, while still making me laugh - a not so easy feat in today cardboard, PC, world of "chick flicks". So in the end, I laughed, I cried, and I would see it again.
Go see it if:
If you recently got married.
If you had a friend recently get married.
If your dreams are in the trash.
If you feel sorry for yourself.
If you are dead broke.
If you like to laugh.

The Backup Plan

Not sure if you should trust my judgment, since I kind of didn't hate this movie. Mostly this is due to Jennifer Lopez not being vomit inducing. Is this a total ridiculous fairytale, where an good looking, somewhat successful guy decides after basically one date to raise children with his new hot girlfriend? The movie kind of drums up a conflict, but it's so flimsy that even people who have never seen a chick flick would be yelling at how utterly ridiculous the premise of the conflict is. And yet I still kind of liked the movie. Lopez was funny, endearing, silly, and cute at times. She wasn't "Jenny from the Block" she was just a woman having a baby trying hard not screw it up with the sexy guy she really liked. So rent it, if you are in the mood for some feel good, girly experience.

13 Conversations About One Thing
Supposedly it was about happiness. I really can't recall since I found the movie incredibly boring and heavy handed. Although Alan Arkin does a great job, Matthew McConaughey too.

Easy A

Cute, funny, I really like Emma Stone. Kind of a typical teenage comedy, but the lovebale, easygoing parents played by Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci, steal the show. I kind hated the stereotypical jab at Bible-belt type kids. But this is made in Hollywood so the lack of three dimensional characters wasn't a huge surprise. Did I mention Emma Stone is incredibly cute.

Hot Tub Machine
Should have watched it when I was drunk. It's funny at times and there is a lot of 80's nostalgia. But yeah, it's a movie about time travel in a hot tub with Chevy Chase appearing sporadically. Also, Craig Robinson is awesome.

That's all for now.

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